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Black Brangus Heifers For Sale

Looking for Fancy Black Heifers sired by a Low Birth Weight Bull that will grow up to be your Quality Replacement Cows? We are offering offspring out of our cows and our bull, Newt.

These are the Real Deal.

Registered Black Brangus Open Heifers for sale starting from small lots of four 6-month old weanlings and older.

They may sell out by the time they are yearlings.

Registration # Name Date of Birth Link to Pedigree
R10297890 HLR MISS BLACKHAWK 382C 01-21-15 Pedigree
R10304082 HLR MISS DEREK 901C 01-31-15 Pedigree
R10304083 HLR MISS ROSE 72C 02-19-15 Pedigree
R10297879 HLR MISS TYPESETTER 596C 03-20-15 Pedigree
R10304084 HLR MISS LEAD GUN 535C 01-31-15 Pedigree
R10304085 HLR MISS RAINDANCE 85C 02-01-15 Pedigree
R10304086 HLR MISS IMPACT 71C 06-26-15 Pedigree
R10304087 HLR MISS LUCKY 58C 06-27-15 Pedigree

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